АБВ: Learn to read Russian in one day

With visual associations and focus, you will learn to read Russian faster than you can say “Yuri Gagarin”.

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Start reading Russian in one day

АБВ is a course of 10 reading lessons specially designed for English speakers. In this course, you’ll learn the entire alphabet using visual associations and memory tricks.

After learning the letters and reading your first Russian words, you’ll practice reading with simple texts and test your skills through interactive quizzes. Join the course and get access to the private Telegram group for beginners and chat with a community of like-minded learners.

Decode the Russian alphabet, starting today!

Why it works

Step-by-step learning

We start with easy letters and progress gradually, following an English-friendly logic.

Visual associations

No need to struggle memorising the letters! 

Plenty of practice

Experience rapid improvement with simple exersices.

Simple quizzes

You can check yourself straight after each lesson to see if you are ready to go further.

Short lessons

Each lesson takes less than 10 minutes, helping you stay focused.

Instant success

You immediately notice the progress.

Supportive community

Private Telegram group for more practice.


Get the personal feedback from the author at the end of the course.

About the author

With a background in Russian Linguistics and Literature, I have dedicated my studies to teaching of Russian as a foreign language. For almost a decade now, I have been living in Switzerland, where I currently work as a marketing manager in a local company.

Through my own experiences of learning English and German, I gained firsthand knowledge of the challenges and rewards that come with language acquisition.

Galina | Russian Yazik
Galina | Russian Yazik


What you get:

  • 10 lessons – can be finished in 1 day
  • Course access for 6 months
  • Private Telegram group
  • Quizzes and exercises
  • Adapted texts for reading practice
  • 1 exercise with the personal feedback